Stephan Weiss

Stephan Weiss

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First Name * Stephan
Last Name * Weiss
Username * seZereth
Country * Germany
City Bayreuth
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Position Artist;Designer;Modeller
Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools 3ds maxModelingPhotoshopTexturingRigging


Twitter @sezereth


For my CV see below this paragraph:

About my person:

I graduated in Chemistry 08 and received my PhD in February 2013.
Studying science is a unique experience and I am grateful for the variety of knowledge and skills it supplied me with.

I am constantly trying to improve myself with everything I do. I worked for over three years in a 13 people international modding group on probably the biggest mod ever, Fall from Heaven II for Civilization IV (Firaxis). Acclaimed by critiques:

“This mod is, BY MILES, the best mod in recent memory.” – Graeme Bayless of Kush Games
“1 in my book by far. This one is hard to even view as a mod …truly a mod masterpiece” – Dustin Hansen of Polystew


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